Business Regulation Information

  • Banking and Credit Laws (Getting Credit, Protecting Investors)
    Law no. 2002-03 of 14 October, 2002 relating to internal control of banks and financial institutions ['Règlement no. 2002-03 du 14 octubre 2002 relatif au contrôle interne des banques et établissements financiers'], Law no. 204-01 of 4 March 2004 on the minimum capital of banks and financial institutions operating in Algeria ['Réglement no. 204-01 du 4 mars 2004 relatif au capital minimum des banques et établissements financiers exerçant en Algérie']
  • Bankruptcy and Collateral Laws (Closing a Business, Getting Credit - Legal Rights)
    Civil Code ['Code civil (Titre III)'], Bankruptcies and legal settlements (Book III of the Commercial Code) ['Des faillites et règlements judiciaires (Livre III du code de commerce)']
  • Civil Codes (Starting a Business, Registering Property)
    Civil Code ['Code civil']
  • Civil Procedure Codes (Enforcing Contracts, Closing a Business, Protecting Investors)
    Code de procédure civile ['Code de procédure civile']
  • Commercial and Company Laws (Starting a Business, Protecting Investors, Closing a Business)
    Decree no. 05-175 of 18 May 2005 procedures for obtaining negative clearance on agreements and dominant position in the market ['Décret no. 05-175 du 18 mai 2005 fixant les modalités d'obtention de l'attestation négative relative aux ententes et à la position dominante sur le marché'], Law no. 04-02 of 23 June 2004 defining rules applicable to commercial practices ['Loi no. 04-02 du 23 juin 2004 fixant es règles applicables aux pratiques commerciales'], Law no. 04-08 of 14 August 2004 on conditions for conducting business ['Loi no. 04-08 du 14 août 2004 relative aux conditions d'exercice des activités commerciales'], Commercial Code ['Code de commerce'], Investment Code ['Code des investissements'], Society Code ['Code des sociétés (Livre V du code de commerce)'], Law No. 2005-03 of 6 June 2005 on foreign investment ['Réglement no. 2005-03 du 6 juin 2005 relatif aux investissement étrangers']
  • Constitutions (Starting a Business, Employing Workers, Registering Property, Enforcing Contracts)
    Constitution of Algeria
  • Labor Laws (Employing Workers)
    Legislative Decree No. 94-09 of 26/05/94 concerning job preservation and protection of employees losing their jobs involuntarily ['Décret législatif No. 94-09 du 26/5/94 portant préservation de l'emploi et protection des salaries susceptibles de perdre de façon involontaire leur emploi'], Law no. 90-11 of 21 April 1990 on labor relations ['Loi no. 90-11 du 21 avril 1990 relative aux relations de travail'], Act No. 90-03 of 6 February 1990, as amended, Act No. 90-14 of 2 June 1990, as amended
  • Land and Building Laws (Dealing with Licenses, Registering Property)
    Civil Code (Cook IV) ['Code Civil (Livre IV)']
  • Tax Laws (Paying Taxes)
    Code of value added tax ['Code de taxe sur la valeur ajoutée'], Code of direct taxes ['Code des impôts directs']
  • Trade Laws (Trading Across Borders)
    Customs Code ['Code des douanes']