Travel Information

  • Entry / Exit Requirements:
    Passport:Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months.Visa:People from the following countries are required to apply for a visa: Australia, EU-countries, Canada, USA. Other countries should contact the consulate for visa requirements. Transit passengers who keep on travelling within 24 hours, holding sufficient funds, having a return ticket and not leaving the airport are an exception.Costs:Costs might vary by nationality. Please contact the consulate.Validity:Tourist Visa: approximately 30 daysMultiple-entry: up to 90 daysTransit: maximum 48 hoursBusiness: dependent on each case
  • Immunisation Requirements:
    compulsory immunisation: yellow fever (when entering from infected areas)recommended immunisation: tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, mumps, rubeola, rubella, pneumococci, influenza, hepatitis Arecommended immunisation when staying a long-term: hepatitis B, rabies, typhus
  • Additional Risks:
    health: malaria (low risk)safety: risk of incursions and hijacks of terroristic groups (do not travel to remote areas and avoid crowds and demonstrations especially in Algiers)other: dangerous snakes and scorpions
  • Tourist Information:
  • Climate:
    arid along the coast to semiarid with mild wet winters and hot dry summers
  • Travel Time:
    coastal area: spring and summer monthsSahara: late autumn and early spring
  • Airlines:
    Lufthansa    Air Algerie    Air France    Alitalia    Iberia    Spanair    Tunisair    TAP    Turkish Airlines    British Airways    Qatar Airways    Aigle Azur    EgyptAir    Royal Air Maroc    KLM    Syrian Air    JetairFly