• Regime Type
  • Press Freedom
    In Algeria, there is no press freedom. The constitution originally guarantees freedom of expression but nevertheless the government was legally allowed to penalise people holding a speech which threatens the state or public order until 2010. Additionally they changed the Information Code in 2001 thus writing, cartoons and speeches insulting and offending the president, the parliament, the judiciary or the armed forces are criminal. There were cases where journalists received fines or prison sentence because they apparently defamed the country.
  • Human Rights Record
    In 1992, Algeria declared a state of emergency. Since then, human rights have been inoperative. People disappeared, were abused, tortured or arrested and women and minorities were discriminated. Restrictions concerning civil liberties, freedom of religion were part of everyday life just as corruption. Algeria?s state of emergency was suspended after the protests in 2010 and 2011 and improvements considering human rights can be seen.
  • Legal System
    mixed legal system of French civil law and Islamic law, judicial reviewof legislative acts in ad hoc Constitutional Council composed of various public officials including several Supreme Court justices
  • Independence
    5 July 1962 (from France)