Regions of Morocco

As part of a 1997 decentralisation/regionalisation law passed by the legislature 16 new regions (provided below) were created. It is the current highest administrative division of Morocco. The regions are subdivided into a total of 61 second-order administrative divisions, which are prefectures and provinces. A Moroccan region is governed by a Wali, nominated by the King. The Wali is also governor of the province (or prefecture) where he resides.

Tangier-Tetouan is one of the sixteen regions of Morocco. It is situated in north-western Morocco. It covers an area of 11,570 km² and has a population of 2,470,372 (2004 census). The capital is Tangier.It borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish exclave of Ceuta to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to its west. (Source: Wikipedia,