• Regime Type
    constitutional monarchy
  • Press Freedom
    Freedom of press deteriorated in 2010. The constitution provides freedom of expression but the press law prohibits any criticism of monarchy, Islam and taboo topics like the royal family. Libel is still a criminal offense which leads to fines or imprisonment.
  • Human Rights Record
    Protests to demand democratic political reforms have been omnipresent in Morocco as Moroccans are unable to ?change constitutional provisions establishing their monarchical form of government? Human right problems the country has to deal with include tortures and abuses by security forces, poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrests and impunity of authorities. Corruption, child labour and trafficking in persons are part of Morocco?s daily routine, too.
  • Legal System
    mixed legal system of civil law based on French law and Islamic law, judicial review of legislative acts by Supreme Court
  • Independence
    2 March 1956 (from France)