About AfricanBIB

Quickly find trustworthy business partners in Africa

Africa is developing steadily. Today, more than 15% of the world population lives there but nevertheless Africa’s share of global trade just reached three percent.

The African Business Information Bank (ABIB) is bridging the information gap between potential investors and African businesses by giving credible, independent, accurate, rated and timely information on African companies. ABIB provides a database which sustainably fosters exchange between Small, Micro and Medium size enterprises (SMMEs), companies, foreign and local investors, Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and governmental institutions. Data is being collected on-site, aggregated, audited, evaluated and rated through special research. Our combined rating system and the possibility to select and filter list companies by country, sector, type of organisation, size and budget will help you to find trustworthy business partners. As an African company you can present your relevant business information to foreign investors by creating a company account and filling out our Business Inquiry Form.

ABIB offers five levels of usage: Visitor, User, Bronze, Silver and Gold Member. There are differences in the amount of information you are able to see and use. You can find detailed information on these differences between each level of usage in the table below. As a Bronze member you have the opportunity of getting regular e-mails with possible partner companies which correspond with your expectation (more information on Match-Making). Furthermore you will be able to take advantage of the “My network” function.

Please support us to bring African and European businesses closer together and to create a brighter future for Africa.